21-01-2020  · Hi, Patara beach is without doubts suitable for kids: it’s very slowly descending and sandy; many meters away from the waterfront the water level is still around 1m. There are no big waves. We left the beach after sunset and did not see any mosquito whereas there are plenty of them in the hotel we stayed. Admission charge: a family card cost us ca 30 Lira, it allows multiple entries. Happy vacation!

02-06-2014  · The Qattara Depression is a treacherous lowland covering 7,500 square miles in area near the Egyptian-Libyan border. It’s shaped roughly like a huge footprint, as if a giant had stepped from the.

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17-09-2019  · East Ras Qattara Fields. Report summary. The East Ras Qattara block is located in the Alamein Basin, in the Western Desert, around 120 kilometres west of Cairo. ENAP began operating the block in 2004 through its Egyptian subsidiary, Sipetrol. The Shahd field was discovered in 2006, after which several others followed. In total, ten discoveries have been made from 15 exploration wells, in.

Ek baar jaroor dekhe  (govt. Ki ashliyat)The dotara (or dotar) (Bengali: দোতারা, Assamese: দোতাৰা, literally, ‘Of or having two wires’) is a two, four, or sometimes five-stringed musical instrument, originating from India, resembling a sarod.It is commonly used in the Indian states of Assam, West Bengal, Bihar, as well as Bangladesh, and is first mentioned in a 14th-century Saptakanda Ramayana.Later, it was adopted by the ascetic cults of.

In medieval India , the designations ‘Mahattara’ and ‘Pattakila’ were used for__: [A]military officers [B]village headmen [C]specialists in Vedic rituals [D]chiefs of craft guilds Show Answer village headmen Mahattaras or Mahattam & Pattakila or Patel were the village headmen.